Project references including NORDA and NORRIA North Hungarian Regional Innovation Agency (as part of former NORDA) projects as well:


REBUS – Renovation for energy efficienct Buildings (INTERREG EUROPE Programme)
EMPOWERING – Empowering Public Authorities to Build Integrated Sustainable Energy Strategies (Horizon 2020 Programme)
SOL – Sense of Light (ERASMUS+ KA2 Programme)


CITY SEC – City_Sec – Regional Development and Energy Agencies supporting MuniCIpaliTY_SEC to jointly become active energy actors in Europe (CIP IEE Programme)
DEPURE – The development of the system of the regional public administration’s decision preparation in the knowledge-based economy (INTERREG IIIC Programme)
KNOWBRIDGE – To increase the capacity and strengthen the research potential of two cross border and convergence regions (FP7 Programme)
ERNEST – European Research Network on Sustainable Tourism (FP7 Programme)
NORRIS – North Hungary and Košice Bilateral Regional Innovation Strategy Project (FP6 Programme)
PROACT – Practical Regional Research and Innovation Policy in Action (FP6 Programme)
CENCE – Connecting Energy Clusters across Europe (FP6 Programme)
SHINING MOUNTAINS – Sport and Health as Innovative Initiatives for the Growth of Mountains (INTERREG IIIB CADSES Programme; Lead Partner)
Further project references of BAZ CDA staff (Katalin Hall and Réka Filep working at NORRIA):
EISS – Eco-Innovation Support Services (HORIZON 2020 Programme)
CEEM – Central Environmental And Energy Management as a Kit For Survival (Central Europe Programme)
EFFECT – Upgrading Energy Efficient Public Procurement to Support a Balanced Economic Growth in SEE Area (South East Europe Programme)
LOC-CLIM-ACT – Local Acting on Climate Change Impacts (HUSKROUA Programme)